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Method Of Use / About Washing

Method Of Use

1. Open the zipper.
2. Fold the pillow, as shown in Figure 2.
3. Fill in the pillow, squeeze the pillow at the same time shown in Figure3-5.
4. Zip it up.

method of use

About Wash
It may be damaged if wash by Machine, it would be best by hand, turn over the back when washing, you can use the washing liquid, temperature of the water below 30 degrees.

All our dakimakura covers (Peach Skin, Japanese Textile, Natural Velvet and 2 way tricot) can support machine wash. DO NOT use chlorine or bleach during wash. Light~medium wash and iron at low temperature. Wash separately from other items to prevent colour transfer. Don’t leave it in a wet state after washing. Wring it dry. Avoid spin-dry and avoid using a dryer to tumble dry.

To provide best protection for your dakimakura, you are recommend to hand wash it. Below is the step by step washing guideline.

1. Remove the dakimakura cover from pillow body.
2. Fill the wash basin/sink/tub with COLD water, dump in the detergent.
3. Immerse the dakimakura in the cold water, get it nice and soapy! GENTLY brush it with a little toothbrush. If there is any dirt or spots on it
4. ​Let it soak for about 20 minutes.
5. Dump the water, rinse the dakimakura well and wring it dry as best you can.
6. Hang it up to dry for 8-12 hours.
7. Your dakimakura should now be clean! Enjoy!

Maintenance Tips of 2 Way Tricot
1.Please turn inside out to wash.
2. Please don't put it on rough surface,to avoid runs or ladders.